In a publication entitled ENGINEERING dated 13 February 1914, page 205 the following article appeared, only the part relating to the New Factory is reproduced.




The New Steam Factory at the east end of the Dockyard was completed and brought into use in 1907, much of the tool plant having been transferred from the old building appropriated to form an extension to the machinery shops of the Ship Construction Department as already stated. The New Steam Factory is a lofty building, 590 feet by 280 feet. Originally constructed with a view mainly to the repairs of reciprocating engines and the auxillary machinery usually associated with such engines in vessels of war, this shop now contains the plant to enable the workers to deal with any large repairs to turbines which may become necessary, and which cannot be accomplished in the ship.

As indicative of  the equipment, we give particulars of the three largest machines installed for turbine work, but utilisable for other purposes. One is a quadruple-geared motor-driven lathe, 81 inch to 102 inch centres, which will take a job 55 feet between centres. The driving motor is of 60 brake horse-power, and the traversing motor of 5 brake horse-power. Another is a motor-driven large boring machine, which can bore turbine casings up to 17 feet in diameter, and can take a job 45 feet between centres, and can face up to 17 feet in diameter. It is operated by a 40 brake horse-powered motor. A wall planer machines a job 30 feet by 20 feet in horizontal and vertical directions respectively, and is operated by a 50 brake horse power motor. Overhead cranes of 80 tons capacity are provided for lifting the turbine casings and other gear into and out of the machines.

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